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Wet Felting Workshop Wrap-up

We had a beautiful wintry day on Saturday for our felting workshop. Almost all of the wool we used came from The Paddocks at Manchester. Everyone went home with something beautiful they made from truly locally sourced, fiber.

In the morning we learned how to felt drying pads and made several. One is destined to be a soft, cozy baby changing pad and the rest will happily hold drying dishes. Because wool is so

absorbent, capable of holding around a third of it's weight in water before it even feels wet to the touch, it's the perfect material for drying dishes on. The felt is a long lasting plastic free, compostable solution for dish drying.

One of the pads that we made had some extra embellishments added after we felted it. This moon was much happier looking once the stars were needle felted on.

The rug that we felted is really a work of art and show cases really well what can be done with naturally colored wool. The felter picked out the colors that she wanted in her gradient background and we recarded the cloud in the gradient. That's one of the benefits of doing a wool craft workshop at a wool mill! The possibilities are limited only by what you can think of to get the wool and the machines to do!

This made it really easy for her to lay out the background for her design with a beautiful gradient of foggy greys. Her tree design really stood out against the background and the addition of black Navajo Churro wool really played up the texture of the bark on the tree's trunk.

Even the kids got in on the creativity and tried felting some things. Here's a hat experiment that she was pretty excited with.

We'll be planning more workshops in the near future. What would you be interested in?

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