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Fine White Fiber (Recipe 6)


Recipe 6 is a blend of carefully selected fine white wools to give you the softest white wool roving. Spins up into a soft, fluffy, warm yarn perfect for every project that needs the softest touch.


Pindrafted sliver is great for hand spinning. Washed and carded wool is run through a machine called a pindrafter that aligns the individual fibers for a semi worsted preparation. Spinning from this fiber prep makes a smoother, denser yarn that wears well and can have great stitch definition.


Pindrafted fiber is also easier to dye as it holds together well even when wet.


Carded roving is great for a softer, loftier yarn where consistency is less vital than fluffy coziness. It will spin more like a woolen preparation.


For orders of a pound in a coil please be aware that we can have a lead time to shipping due to production.