Recipe 2 Carded Sliver and Roving

Recipe 2 Carded Sliver and Roving


We blended wavy, lustrous, and naturally colored Romney wool with springy, squishy, and soft Corriedale wool for a medium soft shiny roving that has some gorgeous color variations throughout.  It is easy to spin because of the length of the Romney and with lots of energy and spring from the Corriedale.  This blend felts well and would be great for not quite next to skin garments.


The Romney blend pindrafted roving has Merino from Lake County, Corriedale from Colusa, Lake and Mendocino Counties, Romney from Mendocino County and Targhee from Lake County. Each of these producers is passionate about producing great wool and happy animals. Most of these sheep help out in other ways in the area. Many of them graze local vineyards, sequestering carbon and reducing fossil fuel reliance in agriculture. Others are key to wildfire fuel reduction grazing operations.


For orders of a pound in a coil please be aware that we can have a lead time to shipping due to production.


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